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It was like this: My name is Irina, and I came from an artistic family and always painted as a child. In 1991, I chose fine art/mural paintings as my main study at Fine Art, at George Enescu University, Iasi, Romania. Also, during the summer holidays, I have been working on a traditional fresco in Romanian churches, to master fresco because large mural paintings it has always been my favourite space. 


In 2005, I move with my family to London, which fashion influenced and make me become an apprentice in Savile Row in bespoke tailoring. 

 I got somehow caught up in the world of media, beauty, fashion and design and became a fashion designer, tailor and artist, working in London. I never abandoned my ambitions for mural art and always travelled and produced mural projects. 

After a MA in Fine Art from Westminster University in London,  in 2011 I  have created Lady Row, the bespoke tailoring for ladies and gentlemen, and the creative piece was The Dress Coat. An astonishing long coat with hand embroidery or hand paintings. My artist side began to flourish by using the knowledge of Savile Row tailor and mural artist. 

Over the years, I have been designing clothes and my hand paintings on different surfaces have always been part of my life.

In 2020, I have achieved MA in Strategic Fashion Marketing at London fashion College in London, which brought me the ability to see fashion and mural art together. 

Now. I live in Monaco, and I am offering you Lady Row & Mural Art. 

The hand-painted on the wall for your children's room, your mural painting on your favourite space, your hand-painted silk for your favourite dress, or curtain, your handpainted windows, wallpaper, you name it. 


I am here for you, just give me a call to talk about your needs.

Tel: +44 7737672541

          06 80 86 69 76


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Lady Row bespoke Tailoring
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